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Creating a Custom Quartz.Net JobFactory

In this post we’ll walk through the creation of a custom Quartz.Net JobFactory that uses dependency injection to pass dependencies to our jobs. We’ll be using Castle Windsor for this example, but you can use any dependency injection framework you want. We discussed the Qartz.Net IJobFactory interface in detail previously, so read that first if you haven’t yet.

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Quartz.Net Job Factories

In my previous post we talked about the IJobFactory interface in detail. Today we will look at the 2 job factories that are included in the Quartz.Net distribution. SimpleJobFactory We will look at the SimpleJobFacotry first, since it is the base class used by the other job factory. This is a pretty simple implementation, so let’s look at the source code and talk about it in detail.

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Quartz.Net IJobFactory Interface

The Quartz.Net scheduler implements the factory method pattern to create the jobs that will be executed. Job factories are responsible for producing job instances. When you download the Quartz.Net distribution you get 2 different job factories. Today we will look at the IJobFactory interface in detail. In a later post we’ll look at the job factories that are included in the Quartz.

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