Building an Affordable Education Robot

A while back I heard about the affordable education robot. I thought it was a very interesting approach and I wanted to build one and see if I could get my daughter interested in it. I tried to buy one but my search for it turned out nothing, so I contacted Justinjustin, who is listed as the contact on the bottom of the page about getting my hands on one. Unfortunately, back then the only way to build one was basically to build it from scratch, but Justinjustin said they were talking to manufacturers and that a kit might be available at some point. However, when I asked, all that was available were the plans and diagrams. Now this was all in line with the philosophy of the project of building an open an affordable robot for education, so it endeared me even more to the project. However, it meant that I would have to print out the PCB and assemble the robot from the very basic components. I was hoping to get around to doing this at some point this year but I think I have too many projects and so something had to give.

A few days ago, I heard back from Justin, saying they had found a manufacturer that would put together kits for the robot and that these kits are available for purchase! Yay!

I’ve pre-ordered mine and can’t wait to get it so I can start putting it together with my daughter. They’ve also got a homepage for the robot, which has more information on how it all works and how to put it together.

I’ll post updates here as things happen, but if you’re putting one together or have already put one together or want to put one together, email me and let me know about it!