Introducing ResumeChef

I’d like to introduce you to a project I’ve been working on over the past year. It’s called ResumeChef and it’s meant to help you create customized Resumes with a few clicks. You can view the marketing site or try the application out.

Why Build ResumeChef?

There are several reasons why I went down the path of building ResumeChef.

Solving My Own Problem

I’ve always disliked the tediousness of customizing my Resume, but I understand it’s important, and that’s what ResumeChef does. It helps you customize your resume quickly and without mistakes.

Keeping My Skills Sharp

Another reason for building ResumeChef is to be able to stay up to date on what is going on in the Azure cloud and in web development in general. While work pays the bills, it sometimes doesn’t let me stay current.

Just Resume Customization?

I’m hoping to turn ResumeChef into much more.

For example, I currently track which jobs I’ve applied to and keep a copy of the Resume I sent in for the job. These days your data stays around for a while so it’s probably wise to know that you applied for a different job at that same company several years ago, and which Resume you sent in.

I would like to be able to have ResumeChef automatically suggest the best Resume for a given job and then let me tweak it. I’d also like to integrate it with some of the big ATS systems out there, so that applying for a job is easier. I’ve got many ideas but I’d like to hear from you if this is something that might be useful for you or not.

Are You Looking For a New Job?

Well actually, yes, I am. That’s probably subject matter for a new post, but I am not sure whether it’s of interest, so I’ll postpone writing about it until later.

However, it is a good thing for Resume Chef, because I’m going to use my own experiences doing a job search to improve ResumeChef. Expect to see new features added soon!