Moving from Wordpress to Jekyll

If you visit my blog frequently, you may have noticed that the layout of the site has changed drastically. Can you guess why? Yes, I switched from using wordpress to using Jekyll.

Why switch?


Basically because I wanted my site to load faster. I moved off shared hosting and into Azure to speed up the site and there definitely was an improvement. However, it’s pretty hard to beat a static site, so I’m going with static for now.

More content

As Jekyll has a blogger importer, I was able to import my old posts and now they’re all available on this site.

Less maintenace

No more backing up MySql and updgrading Wordpress

What I’m Giving Up


For now I’m giving up on comments but I may add them later. All in all I don’t get many comments.


I’m also giving up on forms right now but may also add them later. I don’t need more spam anyway.

Final Thoughts

It took a while to get everything moved over and getting the feel for how things work. I also discovered I had some broken links left over from the previous migration to Azure. Those should all be fixed now, but do let me know if I missed any.

Now I’ll get back to writing some more posts.