Quartz.NET 2 Tutorial

I’m going to take a stab at re-writing the Quartz.NET tutorial for version 2. The current version of the tutorial is for version 1 and so I figured it was time for an update.

Below is a list of the lessons that I’ll be posting.

Lesson 1: Using Quartz
Lesson 2: Jobs And Triggers
Lesson 3: More About Jobs & JobDetails
Lesson 4: More About Triggers
Lesson 5: SimpleTriggers
Lesson 6: CronTriggers
Lesson 7: TriggerListeners & JobListeners
Lesson 8: SchedulerListeners
Lesson 9: JobStores
Lesson 10: Configuration, Resource Usage and SchedulerFactory
Lesson 11: Advanced (Enterprise) Features
Lesson 12: Miscellaneous Features

My plan is to start out by just taking the existing tutorial and converting it to the new version. I’m sure things will change as I start working on the lessons so I’ll keep this post updated as I make progress.