Table of Contents for Quartz.Net eBook

I’ve been working on the Quartz.Net eBook and I have put together an outline of what the contents will be once it is finished. I thought I would share the table of contents with you and I would appreciate any comments you might have. I’m especially interested in getting feedback regarding which sections are more interesting and important for you. I’d also like to know if there are any sections that are of absolutely no value so that I can cut them out.

Please share your thoughts with me below in the comments or feel free to send me an email.


What is a Job Scheduler?

What is Quartz.Net?

Why Use Quartz.Net?

System Requirements

Chapter 1 – Quick Start

Downloading and Setting Up Quartz.Net

A Quick Look at Configuration

Running an Executable or Batch File Using the Built-in Native Job

Creating a Custom Job

The QuickStartJob

Updating the Job Configuration File (quartz_jobs.xml)

Executing our Custom Job

Installing Quartz.Net as a Windows Service

Uninstalling the Quartz.Net Service

Embedding Quartz.Net in Your Application

Chapter 2 – Quartz.Net Basics


Scheduler Repository

Scheduler Factory

Quartz.Net Jobs

Custom Jobs


Scheduling Jobs


Unit Testing Your Quartz Objects

Running Quartz.Net as a Standalone Windows Service

Chapter 3 – Advanced Quartz.Net Features


Job Listeners

Trigger Listeners

Global Listeners

Special Jobs


Remote Management

Job Factories

Job Stores


Chapter 4 – The Scheduler API

Scheduler Factory


Job Creation


Chapter 5 – Migration Guide for Upgrading to Quartz.Net 2.0

Step 1 – Replace References to DLLs

Step 2 – Replace References to JobExecutionContext with References to IJobExecutionContext

Step 3 – Replace References to JobDetail with References to  IJobDetail

Step 4 - Replace References to SimpleTrigger with References to ITrigger

Step 5 – Replace References to CronTrigger with references to ITrigger

Step 6 – Replace References to Trigger with references to ITrigger

Step 7 – Update quartz_jobs.xml

Obsolete stuff

New in 2.0

Chapter 6 – Quartz.Net Tools

Creating Cron Expressions

Using Quartz.Net with other frameworks (Castle, Spring)